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Using information from the eNurse charting steps, IntelliCharge calculates CPT® codes and J codes, as well as wastage information. Encounter charge sheets are automatically and accurately generated for Medicare Part B and can be sent via interface to your billing system.

By linking IntelliDose to a PM system, paperless charge posting and billing can be achieved. IntelliCharge calculates the relevant CPT® and J codes for each chemotherapy encounter. At the end of each encounter a detailed charge sheet is generated and stored in the patient record. Lost charges are minimized through auto-checking of missed documentation. The billing department benefits by eliminating the need for manual charge sheet reviews. All information is summarized in a detailed billing report that is easily transferred to the billing system.

[CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association]


eNurse supports a comprehensive method for nurse documentation which conforms to both JACHO and ONS standards.

IntelliDose chemotherapy order templates include automatically generated and customizable nurse charting scripts. These scripts include point and click dialogues that create detailed narrative nurse notes in a fraction of the time taken to manually write in the patient chart. The electronic record is updated automatically based on their charting.

Using ONS standards for charting chemotherapy, all relevant assessment tasks are included; vital signs, pain assessments, toxicities, lab review, drug verification, and IV access. Detailed drug administration steps are included to determine administration times for accurate charge calculation and billing.

Nurses also have the flexibility to add their own text notes when needed. At the end of each chemotherapy encounter, notes are automatically checked and the nurse alerted if any steps are missed. The end result is a detailed chronological text note of the complete encounter.